Sydnie Rae’s Observation

          Since public transportation is something that most people use, I felt like it would be a good place to do my observation. My observation occurred on both the L and the A train, and a train to New Jersey. Even though I take these modes of transportation quite often, I notice a lot more when I am actively observing your surroundings. The first thing I noticed was that most people are on their phones. If they aren’t playing some weird game on their phone, then they’re listening to music. Most of the time it’s both.

          Another thing I noticed was the sleepers. Sleepers are people who have fallen asleep on the train or they’ve been staring into space for half of the ride. They aren’t aware of what’s going on around them and they almost missed their stop. Then we have the groups, most likely the loudest thing on the train. These three categories are most consistent with all of the transportation I take. But then we have random moments for showtime dancers and preachers. A disturbance that’s either accepted or annoying.

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