Reflection by Syed M. Shahmir Zaidi

What I plan on writing, is not just a random topic but a plague that has reached the core of contemporary society and continues to corrupt it from within. Indeed, the highlight of this research question is ‘suicide’. An act that has unfortunately become so common, that it does not even surprise humanity anymore.  Furthermore, the more I researched on this topic, the more I became aware of how tremendously petrifying the statistics of suicide rates are. There are numerous scholarly sources that I stumbled upon while researching on this topic, and while some were a bit off topic, there were at least 8 sources, which I believed, could help me in serving justice to this topic.  The sources that I was able to find were peer-reviewed and thus reliable enough to base my research on. The sources that I decided to exclude had questionable authenticity and were not able to help me progress in the perspective I was trying to convey to the audience.

Apart from the division that I was able to make between the ‘right’ sources and the ‘wrong’ ones, there were a few reliable sources that I found after much struggle, but they ended up becoming too vague for the issue I wanted to address and the portrait that I needed to paint. My research essay talks about the impact and significance of education and poverty on suicidal rates, due to which it needs to be backed up with verifiable percentages, which can exclusively showcase the unfortunate reality, the world faces each day, and make people realize that mental health is something that needs to be dealt with, and I believe, that with the sources that I am using, it should be able to help de-stigmatize mental health to a certain extent, where mankind finally opens to up without fearing to be judged.

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