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Discussion Post #6 Response : Chardell Park

Anne Lamott spoke on the different stages of the writing process. She emphasized that the first draft of each written piece is usually shitty but gives the assurance that the piece will get better as you continue revising. She also gives personal examples of her writing process while writing for California magazine. Her conclusion to Read more about Discussion Post #6 Response : Chardell Park[…]

Mama Day description by Artem Lozovtsov

         Reading ‘Mama Day’ reminded me of a book or movie from childhood where everything looks like a fairy tale but a fairy tale with very believable things that could exist. For example Willow Springs, funny thing is that every fairy tale must have own mysterious place , the description about Willow Springs reminded me of Read more about Mama Day description by Artem Lozovtsov[…]

Shitty First Drafts – by Syed M. Shahmir Zaidi

Writing is an art and like any other form of art, it requires patience, determination and hard work, if one intends to master it. People have been writing throughout centuries, however, the quality of writing enhanced and improved by the emergence of every new generation, with all the tips, tricks and patterns they left behind. Read more about Shitty First Drafts – by Syed M. Shahmir Zaidi[…]

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