Popeyes Non-Observation by Celibel Capellan

On a cold windy Saturday, I went to a fast food place called Popeyes. As I took my seat on one of their available tables, I noticed that how warm the place felt. There was not a lot of people staying, they were ordering and leaving right out the door. I did not understood why not many people did not stay to eat their food in the warm fast food and just going back to the cold weather. Even so, that changed the more I spent inside. Slowly, more and more people came and took up the empty tables and the less quiet the place got. This bugged me, the noise level. At the beginning, everything felt nice and quiet with the warm tone colors of Popeyes and strong smell of chicken, but once the place began to fill up, I felt a sudden wave that something is going to happen. I did not know why I felt that way until a few minutes later, where seats were getting empty again, a man came inside the place asking a female cashier for money. Once the man asked the woman for money and left after asking the few people in Popeyes, I noticed that the cashiers and a man (probably the manager of the place) making a phone call. At this point, I was the only one with a worried face because of the man who came in and of the phone call the cashiers are making while everyone else went back to their eating. Not liking how the atmosphere of the place droped from feeling warm and nice to feeling cold and bad, I left the place in worry that something else could have happened if I stayed there even longer.

To conclude my experience on observing a well known fast food place called Popeyes. Everthing felt calm, warm, and quiet becuase of colors of the place and the small amount of people that was there. But that changed to a feeling of something bad was going to happen which made me leave after worrying how the cashier reacted to the man that came in.

2 thoughts on “Popeyes Non-Observation by Celibel Capellan

  • The development of sentences and the way, the writer has moved from one scenario to another is indeed commendable. It is evident that the writer has focused more on providing intricate details of what she observed. The observational skills also need to be praised, considering how the writer not only gave the audience her own assumptions with a certain amount of subjectivity in regarding whatever she saw, but also did not shy away from being firmly objective in what the reality was. I really admire that trait in a writer, to balance both the sides of the spectrum.

  • Your observation was descriptive and truly makes the reader feel like they are at Popeyes. The description of the smells and your overall experience up to the end were well written.

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