Observation By: Luz Polanco

On October 5th I went to an ice cream shop in China town. Is called Milk & Cream Cereal Bar and it has very soft and cute aesthetics. The first thing I observe was how soft the entrance looks, the door it’s Maya with the letters and everything around it was the color sky with. The sign is big and visible. As I enter the shop I looked around and payed attention to every detail. The Walls has little digital tablets with animations of cartoons playing. There is also these big cereal frames that added to the soft aesthetics. The seats provided are like those benches of wood in restaurant booths and the tables matched the teal color of the walls. The color was teal at the top, but it fades to a lighter color as you go down.

The shop is owned by these very nice and welcoming Asians. As the customers ordered their ice creams the employers never gave a negative reaction, and they had a smile on their faces. I also noticed that the customers can make their own ice creams and its not just one flavor, but they could play around with the flavors they would like to try. The ice creams always looked aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and it seemed that by the reactions of the customer, they had a very pleasing taste. As I was taking notes and being aware of the customers reaction, one of them had a denouncing face and I heard them say that it was because the gummy bears in the ice cream were a bit hard. That’s a good sign that it was only the toppings that had a problem. Some of the people coming in took pictures on the walls eating ice cream, sometimes it turned into a whole photo shoot. Every person that arrived at the shop were very pleased with their ice creams and some of them even purchased more ice cream. After one hour of observing I couldn’t wait to try one out and I was delighted by the taste, I’ll definitely go back there.

5 thoughts on “Observation By: Luz Polanco

  • I really like how you discussed the pattern of people taking pictures of ice cream in front of the walls which shows the popularity of the place and also the positive reactions of the taste of the ice cream. Additionally I like how descriptive you are with the place allowing me to image the place it self.

  • I like the use of vocabulary overall. The writer appears to be detailed oriented which makes the write-up even more informative and interesting. The development of sentences is remarkable, making sure that all aspects related to the write up are covered. Moreover, the writer manages to include both objectivity and subjectivity in their post, and that is what i appreciate the most.

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