Michael Granados

In Baldwin’s essay theirs a lot of cultural information and rituals written throughout the essay. Baldwin states how most African American kids where used to seeing the downfall of their father it wasn’t a ritual but it was something most African Americans where use to in 1964 Harlem. A behavior of white men throughout the time was that they where hired to be police as “enemies of this population “ they were there to protect white businesses interest. He also describes Harlem as a very united community how the African American and Hispanic people fend for each other for example defending each other when the African American kids were getting beat or coming together to know that the Harlem six are not guilty. African American where not wanted in the streets when others from other countries came because they were seen as “hoodlums or bums” and the African Americans always believed they were not wanted that they were just there for certain reason such as working pens ante jobs. A fieldworker throughout the time period may have asked how many African men or Hispanic men died to police casualties? Or how many African Americans or Hispanics would be arrested in Harlem every month or yearly? A fieldworker would may have also looked into what type of jobs African American men had in Harlem or the income they received from their jobs. Or they can see how many African American men once turning 17 would be drafted into war. Sources fieldworkers would’ve used to penetrate the insiders perspective would have been to show the poverty families struggled with in Harlem or see how many African American kids and men where beaten an accused by policemen and look into the evidence that was given to accuse most African American and Hispanic men of their “crimes”.

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