Mama Day Description by Mabel Sosa

This reading was very interesting to me. In the eighth grade I had read the book “Bronx Masquerade” which was about minority students interacting with each other. So in the reading when it talked about the kids around the fences and how they looked it reminded me about the kids I the book. The description about how willow springs was reminded me of many movies, pictures and videos I would watch in global history. The movie Selma is one of them. The movie had to do with the March that Martin Luther king jr. was leading. In the reading it talked about a march. 

While reading this, I imagined it being performed as a spoken word. In the beginning I was reading it pretty fast and it seemed to have a rhythm which is why it seemed like a poem or spoken word to me. As I went on thought, Naylor is more storytelling than anything. I pictured her talking to her kids or grandkids telling them this story. 

One thing that stood out to me was the “18 & 23” phrase. I was so confused about what this meant and why it was being said so often. Then I read how one boy was wondering the same thing in the story. I also thought it was a good piece of information that Georgia and South Carolina both argued for Willow Springs. 

I think this was a very interesting reading and the way Naylor describes and emphasizes things added to the reading so much. She talked about the “18 & 23” phrase for a while without saying what it meant knowing that the reader would be interested in what this would mean. I think that’s important in writing, not giving too much, or not giving everything at the same time. It makes things interesting. 

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