James Baldwin by Mabel Sosa

The Baldwin Article contained many interesting cultural identities from both African-Americans and The White police or other white people at this time. Baldwin uses the word “Negroes” a lot. The word was originally used to put the African-Americans down. And then even African-Americans started using it. It’s like them taking back the word power of the word. It’s like when Baldwin said “Find a way to use the system to beat the system”. I found it really interesting to hear this because we even hear phrases like that today, is this where it came from? So both cultural groups both Caucasian and African-Americans used the word “Negroe”, but they used it in different ways. Some of the rules/ rituals the the white police had was the “No Knock, Stop and Frisk” laws. This was done by most if not all the cops at this time, it was like ritual they had to try and make the African-Americans life impossible.

I think that a field worker might have asked things like “How many policemen are in Harlem”, “ How many of those policemen stop crimes against African American” and other questions relating to how the police acted. Another source I might have used as a fieldworker would have been to talk to some of the police, it might have been dangerous, but I would want to know their through process through the whole thing. I would have asked the family of those cops, how they behaved at home? I feel like the article has a really good amount of African-American insight, but I would want to know what the other side was thinking.

3 thoughts on “James Baldwin by Mabel Sosa

  • I really like how you mentioned the term “Negroe”. You explain how this term was used negatively but then African American took power of this word. I also agree in the last paragraph how we get an insight of African Americans perspective and but we should also see the other side since we will see how they acted and how we’re they were different.

  • I enjoyed reading your responses to the questions because it was very detailed. I also found it interesting how the police invaded African Americans property without having any proper authorization such as a warrant, and how laws like the “No Knock, Stop and Frisk” were created specifically for black people in order to make their lives hard.

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