Discussion Post 7 Loreidy Taveras

Discussion Post #7: I have found several credible sources so far, mostly from the CUNY databases. Most of the sources have different information and show different studies done on the effects that employment has on students. Most of the sources address different parts of the topics which tie together.There were some sources which I decided to exclude because they went too off topic from my research question or some of the sources I excluded were too focussed on a specific part of the research question which didn’t go well with my question.I haven’t found all of the sources that I want to use yet I have mostly just skimmed through them but I am still unsure about using some sources because I feel like it won’t necessarily benefit my topic.I am still missing a lot from my research, mostly because I still have a lot to put together but once I tie the research together i will be able to further analyze my information. 

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