Discussion Post #5 – Folake Famuyiwa

The dialect used by Naylor in Mama Day reminded me of how the characters in The Bluest Eye and The Color Purple spoke to each other. By using such verbiage the reader is brought into the  space of the reader, and can easily assume their background and upbringing. My previous reading experiences make me appreciate this style of writing because it makes it easier for the reader to engulf themselves into the environment of the piece. Besides the verbiage, Naylor did a great job at painting a picture for the type of environment the characters were in, and how the culture of the area affected them throughout the story. Naylor’s use of first-person narration allows the reader to fit themselves into the story easily and gain an insiders perspective without bombarding them with historical references and facts on the community’s history.

Something that I missed the first time I read the story was the importance of the 18 & 23 code that was used repeatedly throughout the piece. After my first reading I felt like I missed a bunch of the story, because I did not necessarily understand the reason for that dialect. The second reading cleared it up for me,and after I discovered its meaning I appreciated the text more for not blatantly describing it to the reader. Trusting in the reader’s ability to dissect the information presented to them and garter meaning of it is a great way to keep reader’s engaged and leave an  imprint on the reader. Personally, I know that coding made the story more memorable.

5 thoughts on “Discussion Post #5 – Folake Famuyiwa

  • I appreciate how the writer analyzed Naylor’s writing style, makes me aware that it was critically thought out. I agree with how the writer mentions missing a part of the story because a lot was going at the same time, however as the writer mentioned, reading it more than once helped in getting clearer ideas. Moreover, I absolutely agree with the writer that Naylor remained ambiguous and mysterious and did not feed any information on a silver spoon, she trusted and allowed the readers to comprehend and experience the story on their own.

  • I really liked how you connected your past reading experiences with this reading, and the way you executed your way of reading the text because it felt as thought you really did understand the reading. I also really liked how you included what you missed when reading the text the first time because I related to it a lot.

  • I think you did good in actually connecting certain texts to “Mama Day” and describing your past experiences. Also , it was smart to mention how at first you didn’t understand the meaning of 18 and 23 and after reading it again you did. 18 and 23 are important to the excerpt.

  • I really liked the language comparison between The Color Purple and Mama Day and how you addressed the in which the characters find themselves living in.

  • I definitely agree that the verbiage in the text gives context to the background and upbringing of the author. I also agree that the author does a good job of painting a picture of the environment and the characters and how that affected them.

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