Discussion #4

I was sitting in Bryant Park in downtown Manhattan. I was sitting on the edge of the park where the table and the chair were located. In the afternoon, many office workers come out and chat over coffee. They go around talking to the person next to them, wearing nice suits and a temple card on their neck. And they disappear soon after about two o’clock. Maybe it was lunch time. After that, I saw many rich people living in Midtown. There were a lot of white people on the whole, but they were incredibly fashionable. They were covered with luxury goods. It was like the people who made Manhattan know what kind of city it was. It’s not even a fashion week, but people’s fashion style is shiny. I felt humble compared to them. There are homeless people next to the rich. Homeless people walk or sit on the street, not talking, but smelling dirty. They sit on the floor without even sitting on a chair. I feel sorry for myself. Some children did not know what they had learned from their elders, but they went around sympathizing. He even asked me to give him a dollar to sit back and watch people. I pretended that I couldn’t speak English. Then I felt bad because I asked for money in Chinese. It suddenly started to smell inside Bryant Park. The owner of the smell was a food truck. Some food trucks were near Bryant Park and they started to smell. Tourists go by hard and take pictures of nothing. Maybe it was taken on their camera without my knowledge. Sitting here in Bryant Park, I felt like I was the main character in a New York movie. And I even thought that I want to live here. Bryant Park is my favorite place. Because it is not too wide and sophisticated like Central Park. The place is also in a very good position. Then the wind got strong and I got up.

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