Celibel Capellan- James Baldwin Short Response

In James Baldwin article, the culture he discussed was the inferior “Negreos” or African Americans.

In James Baldwin article, A Report From Occupied Territory, he discusses what the black culture went through during the 1960s. An example of what the black culture went through was the abuse and mistreatment that African Americans faced in Harlem, New York City in the 1960s from the white policemen. The white policemen in the 1960s behaved very negatively whenever it came to African Americans. They would not only find an excuse to beat adults but the children as well. For instance in James Baldwin article, Frank Stafford, a salesman, was beaten up badly by white policemen just for asking a question. All Frank Stafford wanted to know was why the police were beating a child roughly. This example demonstrates how negatively policemen behaved during the 1960s towards African Americans because they would physically abuse African Americans for any reason like they did to Frank Stafford. Another way to phrase what white policemen did was that they abused their power and authority towards the black culture even though their main job is to protect the people of America not abuse them.

In this situation, fieldworkers might ask what is causing white policemen to abuse their power towards African American when one of them only asked a question. Another question they might ask to have better understanding of what the black culture had to go through in this time is who notices these horrifying actions of the police. Fieldworkers can as well ask the people from the black culture about their thoughts and feelings about living in Harlem, New York City as another resource.

2 thoughts on “Celibel Capellan- James Baldwin Short Response

  • I liked the examples you used to demonstrate the way James Baldwin included police brutality and your analysis of what you think fieldworkers should do.

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