Solange , The Polymathic Cultural Force- Jaylen Salvatto

Ayana Mathis’ “Solange, the Polymathic Cultural Force” focuses on a young African American female artist with many talents. Mathis starts off the article describing the setting before the interview. The interview is described as “one curious soul encountering another”. Throughout the interview, Solange describes her upbringing and background in the predominately black area in Houston. Read more about Solange , The Polymathic Cultural Force- Jaylen Salvatto[…]

Baldwin Response – Jaylen Salvatto

In James Baldwins article “A Report from Occupied Territory” he describes the discrimination of African Americans in Harlem in the 1960’s. A large factor of this was from police brutality. The police saw “Negroes” as less than them and the police felt they controlled the area, hence the title saying “Occupied Territory”. The abuse of Read more about Baldwin Response – Jaylen Salvatto[…]

Martin Luther King Speech Response Jaylen Salvatto

In the 1968 speech “The Role of Behavioral Scientists in the Civil Rights Movement” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, he believes that it is imperative for social scientists to serve the African American community for direction and self understanding. African Americans have been oppressed for a very long time, and with that oppression came Read more about Martin Luther King Speech Response Jaylen Salvatto[…]

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