A Report from Occupied Territory Response -Giovanny Paez

James Baldwin’s article A Report from Occupied Territory describes an unfortunate encounter between a minority civilian and police officers in Harlem, *1964 . The man is brutally beaten by the officers for seemingly no reason while bystanders remain silent, almost as if it were the norm. Baldwin derives that police brutality exists due to long-standing predjudice and racism towards non-whites in America: Officers believe that minorities are below them, and must constantly place minority neighborhoods under surveillance.

A fieldworker would say “Well, why do these injustices plague the Harlem community? Why specifically this area? Is this situation only present in Harlem?” A fieldworker would then interview the locals of the area and the police officers to gain a full understanding of the situation, and try to assess the situation through both perspectives.

*Interestingly, the article was written 1966, 2 years after the what is being described. This is most obviously an intentional choice, probably for leverage during the political climate at the time.

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