A report from occupied territory- Chelsy Quezada

James Baldwin’s report of on the Harlem six called, “A report from occupied territory,” opens up a door to a very violent place. Harlem asa culture was scared and reacted in violent, they were curious and got targeted by those in authority. The colored pea pole are afraid to leave and venture the world because of police who are afraid, afraid of those with color. A fieldworker might ask, why is he afraid?, where is this anger coming from and why direct it to African Americans? Some repeated language is the use of “niggers” and “animals”. These two words are not something to use to describe a human, someone with a life to live. So why the use of those words? Does it feel good to have authority over someone different from. You? If a white man had asked what was going on would he have lost his eye too? Baldwin explains how when one is more visible to the police, the bigger the target he is. Is why why African Americans are such a big target? Because they stand out from whites? And is it such a bad thing to be different? As a fieldworker you might want to ask an informant to talk about those events that occurred. However, I’ll try to see if any of the cops involved would like to talk to me. To try and get some idea as to why all the domestic abuse occurred on those individuals. I’ll be more interested in the other side of the story. The side that not many people have answers to. Maybe, then maybe, we will have some information that can help with racism.

2 thoughts on “A report from occupied territory- Chelsy Quezada

  • I agree that it would be helpful to ask the police questions, see how they could justify the things they do to these innocent people. what do you mean by leave and venture the world? go where? around their own city or …?

  • The question you brought up regarding why African Americans are a target to the police is a really good question. Why are African Americans viewed a certain way while whites aren’t? I think that people’s unfair opinions about African Americans are what makes them stand out. They’re judged unfairly and if people’s mentality changed towards them, perhaps they wouldn’t stand out anymore because they would just be another normal person in society who is capable of anything as the next white person is.

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